A Consumer Loyalty App Created for Independent Convenience Retailers

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79% of consumers report they are more likely to continue doing business with a brand that has a strong loyalty program

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Corner Rewards is a consumer loyalty app built for independent convenience retailers. Corner Rewards helps you expand reach, drive store trips, and grow sales.

Participating is a No-Brainer

Industry Leading Technology

All major convenience retailers have a loyalty app to drive new and existing customers in-store, now yours can too!

Low Effort, No Cost

Corner Rewards is fully managed and included with a Skupos subscription. Just hang your brand-provided signs and have consumers redeem offers at checkout!

More Earnings

Corner Rewards drives new and existing customers in-store with brand-funded promotions on 21+ offers, snacks, drinks, and more to drive sales at your store.

Corner Rewards image of a hand finding deals

Access Offers From Top Brands

How To Participate

Offer Brand-Funded Deals

Check your Skupos dashboard to view which Corner Rewards promos your store is eligible for.

Promote In Store

Advertise Corner Rewards in your store. Hang signage provided by Skupos and tell your customers to download the app to save on their favorite products.

Earn More

Customer redeems promotions at the register and Skupos pays you back directly!

Corner Rewards Signage Kit

We Help You Promote the App! 

After you sign up, look for your free signage kit in the mail. We’ve got your back on promoting this in-store.

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